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Fertilizer Delivery

African Development Bank approves US$11.7 million to facilitate access to fertilizers for African farmers

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank on 16 May 2023 approved a US$11.7 million budgetary allocation to the African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) for its 2023 operations.

Tuesday’s approval adds up to US$16.4 million extended to the facility to support its 2023 budget. It includes US$4.7 million, which was carried over from the previous year.

The Board of Directors also validated AFFM's 2023 program of activities: strengthening the fertilizer sector through access to finance, supporting the development of sustainable policy reforms to improve fertilizer production, trade and use, and facilitating access to inputs and technical assistance for smallholder farmers.

Bangkok tuna prices on the rise

Skipjack tuna prices for delivery in March to Bangkok, Thailand, are becoming firmer, according to industry sources. As a result, Bangkok prices' discount to their equivalents in Manta, Ecuador -- where prices were stable -- is rapidly tightening.

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